Children: the Supreme Gift of Marriage


March 9, 2012 5:25 pm

To Children

The sociologists and psychologists who are addressing this distinguished assembly will have laid out the dimensions of the sociological and psychological dysfunctionality of the family; which includes, for example, the incidence of divorce, the amount of sexual and psychological abuse, the alienation and isolation of children, the easy slide that such alienation and isolation facilitates into drug abuse, sexual license and other modern forms of escapism.

What I wish to explore here is how the modern age has a philosophical and theological dysfunctionality in respect to its understanding of children and their intrinsic importance, and of the importance of children to their parents and society. At the risk of sounding unduly alarmist, I must observe that our society has nearly reached a state of philosophical insanity in respect to the value of human life, the value of babies and the meaning of sexuality. A state of philosophical insanity means that we are fundamentally and basically denying the reality of fundamental and basic truths to the point that our behavior is dangerously self-destructive.


“Where can I find information about contraception and divorce?”


March 8, 2012 1:25 pm

  • Robert T. Michael, “Why did the U.S. Divorce Rate Double Within a Decade?” Research in Population 6 (JAI Press, 1988) 361-399; see also his “Determinants of Divorce,” Sociological Economics ed. by Louis Levy-Garboua (London: SAGE Publications, 1979) 223-254 and his “The Rise in Divorce Rates, 1960-1974: Age-specific Components”, Demography 15:2 (May 1978) 177-182.
  • Dr. Edward Peters, “Contraception and Divorce: Insights from American Annulment Cases”

“Where can I find good discussion about how contraception has harmed relationships and marriage?”


February 22, 2012 6:31 pm

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