The Full Interview I Gave To The Detroit Free Press


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The Detroit Free Press today published an article “Vigneron softens his tone on Communion for Catholic gay supporters”.  I come off as being kind of mean.  Drat.

Below is the full interview.

1)   Please address why this conference takes on added significance since it comes so shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down states’ bans against same-sex marriage? Does the decision change, in any way, how you deliver the church’s teachings?

Until quite recently there has been near unanimous agreement within our culture and other cultures as well that it is wrong for men to have sex with men and women to have sex with women. Our cultures and others have never questioned that the only true form of marriage is of a man to a woman. We are now a culture (and not all other cultures join us) that is more and more accepting of sex between men and sex between women and also of a man marrying a man and a female marrying a female, the ground has shifted radically. Not so long ago—within 25 years or so, the prospect of approving of males who have sex with males and females who have sex with females and of legalizing marriages between two men or two women would have served as an excellent example of something unthinkable.

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Welcoming Those with Same-Sex Attraction


 3:54 pm

Janet E. Smith joins to Catholic Answers Live to answer questions about how Christians and churches can welcome those with same-sex attraction in accordance with the Church’s teaching.

Listen here.

Joseph Prever’s Talk at the “Accompanying and Welcoming Conference”: A Reply to Deacon Jim Russell


 3:45 pm

The conference “Accompanying and Welcoming Our Brothers and Sisters with Same-Sex Attraction,” jointly sponsored by the Archdiocese of Detroit and Courage International, with generous funding from the Our Sunday Visitor, featured 30 speakers. It would be a shame if the unease of some with a few speakers derailed the reception of the whole of the conference. I am very eager to have the talks available online so that those unable to come to the conference will be able to see the scope of the conference and learn from the talks. A significant number of those talks, in fuller form — along with some additional excellent essays — are available in the book Living the Truth in Love: Pastoral Approaches to Same Sex Issues,published by Ignatius Press. That volume includes some excellent essays by authors who were not able to be at the conference, such as “Restoring Wholeness in Christ” by Bob Schuchts. “Finding the Water in the Desert: The Conversational Use of Natural Law in the Context of Same-Sex Attraction” by J. Budziszewski, “Homosexual Inclination as an “objective’” by Msgr. Livio Melina, and “Do No Harm: Considerations in Supporting Youth with Same-Sex Attraction” by Janelle Hallman. We expect the remaining talks delivered at the conference to appear in another volume within the year.

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Same-Sex Marriage and Its Relation With Contraception


 3:42 pm

Janet E. Smith Links Rejection of “Humanae Vitae” to Acceptance of Homosexuality

DETROIT, Michigan, OCT. 17, 2003 ( Culture has all but embraced homosexual activity since abandoning the principle that procreative sex within a marriage is the only moral form of sexuality, says an expert on the Church’s sexual teachings.

Janet E. Smith, who holds the Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Issues at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, shared her views with ZENIT in this interview.

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July Editorial: Interview with Dr. Janet Smith of the Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit


 3:40 pm

Fr. Meconi: It is an honor to be with you. Your reflections on the beauty of Humanae Vitae, and the Church’s incessant teaching on the divine will for married love, have helped many come to see what Christian marriage really means. Recently, it was announced that you are involved in sponsoring a conference “Welcoming and Accompanying: Pastoral Approaches to Same Sex Issues.”  When is  this event and who can be a part of it?

Dr. Smith:  Yes, it will happen on August 10-12 at the St. John Inn in Plymouth, MI. It is being co-sponsored by the Archdiocese of Detroit, and Courage International, with the help of a very generous grant from the Our Sunday Visitor. The Catholic Medical Association is also a sponsor. We have over thirty speakers, some very well-known, and others who should be well-known, and soon will be. Cardinal Collins from Toronto, Archbishop Vigneron from Detroit, and Bishop Byrnes, auxiliary from Detroit, will be celebrants and homilists at the Masses. Among the speakers are: Ralph Martin, Mary Healy, Peter Herbeck, Teresa Tomeo, Jennifer Roback Morse, Fr. John Riccardo, Bob Schuchts, Dr. Tim Flanigan, Dan Mattson, and many more who have prepared very thoughtful and timely talks. We are providing as comprehensive a treatment as we can; we have talks laying out a strong Christian anthropology; we have philosophical approaches both from a natural law and a personalist perspective. We will hear the inspiring and touching testimonies of some who have been active in same sex sexual relationships, but now are devotedly seeking holiness. We will hear from spiritual and psychological counselors who help persons living with SSA deal with some of the wounds connected to their attractions.  We will learn about the strategies used by those who have been promoting acceptance of same-sex sexual behavior, and about strategies which dioceses can use to educate the faithful.

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