The Christian View of Sex: A Time for Apologetics, Not Apologies


March 13, 2012 8:48 pm

To observe that we live in a society that is suffering greatly from sexual confusion or, if you will, sexual misconduct, is not a novel insight. There is little need to provide a full set of statistics to demonstrate the consequences of the sexual revolution, for who is not familiar with the epidemic in teenage pregnancies, venereal diseases, divorces, and AIDS? Our society has undergone a rapid transformation in terms of sexual behavior, and few would argue that it is for the better. Today, one out of two marriages end in divorce. Six out of ten teenagers are sexually active. The millions of abortions over the last decade and the phenomenal spread of AIDS indicate that our society has serious problems with sexuality. In the last generation, the incidence of sexual activity outside of marriage — with all of its attendant problems — has double and tripled — or worse. We have no particular reason to believe that we have seen the peak of the growth in sexually related problems.

Statistics do not really capture the pervasive ills attendant upon sexual immorality. Premature and promiscuous sexuality prevent many from establishing good marriages and family life. Few deny that a healthy sexuality and a strong family life are among the most necessary elements for human happiness and well-being. While many single parents do a worthy and valiant job of raising their children, it remains sadly true that children from broken homes grow up to be adults with a greater propensity for crime, a greater tendency to engage in alcohol and drug abuse, and a greater susceptibility to psychological disorders.


Children: the Supreme Gift of Marriage


March 9, 2012 5:25 pm

To Children

The sociologists and psychologists who are addressing this distinguished assembly will have laid out the dimensions of the sociological and psychological dysfunctionality of the family; which includes, for example, the incidence of divorce, the amount of sexual and psychological abuse, the alienation and isolation of children, the easy slide that such alienation and isolation facilitates into drug abuse, sexual license and other modern forms of escapism.

What I wish to explore here is how the modern age has a philosophical and theological dysfunctionality in respect to its understanding of children and their intrinsic importance, and of the importance of children to their parents and society. At the risk of sounding unduly alarmist, I must observe that our society has nearly reached a state of philosophical insanity in respect to the value of human life, the value of babies and the meaning of sexuality. A state of philosophical insanity means that we are fundamentally and basically denying the reality of fundamental and basic truths to the point that our behavior is dangerously self-destructive.


“Where can I find information about contraception and divorce?”


March 8, 2012 1:25 pm

  • Robert T. Michael, “Why did the U.S. Divorce Rate Double Within a Decade?” Research in Population 6 (JAI Press, 1988) 361-399; see also his “Determinants of Divorce,” Sociological Economics ed. by Louis Levy-Garboua (London: SAGE Publications, 1979) 223-254 and his “The Rise in Divorce Rates, 1960-1974: Age-specific Components”, Demography 15:2 (May 1978) 177-182.
  • Dr. Edward Peters, “Contraception and Divorce: Insights from American Annulment Cases”

Intact families drive the economy


March 6, 2012 2:41 pm

The biggest contributors to wealth in our culture are married families. The stability that they provide benefits not only the immediate members of the family but also the whole of society and the descendants of the family. The Family Research Council has a wealth of good resources.   Here is one on the family and the economy.

“Where can I find good discussion about how contraception has harmed relationships and marriage?”


February 22, 2012 6:31 pm

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