Baseball, Steroids, the Pill and Russian Roulette


March 21, 2012 8:56 pm

Now there is a great title!  Here is another wonderfully reasoned article about the inconsistency in our condemnation of the use of steroids by athletes and our wholesale acceptance of chemical contraceptives, which are steroids!

In stark contrast to anabolic steroids, the media has done little to inform us of the dangers related to use of the pill. In fact, even when it does warn us, it seems to bend over backwards to reassure us that we should continue to use the pill, regardless.

Remarkably, one recent study found that most of us are almost completely unaware of these dangers. Only 40% of pill users were informed by their doctor about the risk of blood clots and stroke, and a mere 19% were informed about the increased risk of breast cancer.

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