A column on “A Presidential Debate on Birth Control”


April 3, 2012 10:10 am

Vice President Biden and others charge that Republicans have made birth control the centerpiece of this election.  That is false, of course, but it is a topic worthy of debate.  It could go something like this…

Interview:  Senator Santorum, I don’t mean any offense, but in your stance against contraception, aren’t you guilty here of imposing your Catholic views on non-Catholics?  You and the Catholic Church are so out of step with the rest of the culture.  How can you expect to govern a culture that has such a different world view, such different values from your own?


Senator Santorum: I don’t really think that I am at such great odds with the culture. I believe people want to be free of sexually transmitted disease; I believe people acknowledge that children need a mother and father who have made a lifetime commitment to each other; I believe more and more people know that abortion harms not only unborn children but their mothers, fathers, and the rest of us too. The values I am committed to here are not distinctively Catholic ones; health, family, stability are goals that all of us seek.

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